Who am I

I am a seasoned, intelligent thinking partner for a focused conversation.  I speak with people about what matters to them. Together, we co-create inspiration, energy, and clarity; or find a new impulse or meaning.


“People need a good quality conversation to shape their thoughts. I believe that in order to think more effectively, to act responsibly, and to truly understand who we are, we need to talk.”

My trademarks


Life experience does not come from a textbook. It takes courage to show up in life, and it takes time to process the learning. I bring it all into each dialogue.


Trade mastery, ethics and relentless learning are only the essentials. The true competence comes from thousands of conversations with real people.


Being genuine is my way to build trust. I work with ease thanks to my talents: curiosity, analytical mind, a feel for language and a lightness of intuition.

Value proposition


We look at complex situations from various perspectives. We name what’s going on.  We streamline and re-align the thoughts so that it becomes clear what to do next.


In search of a new idea, new way or impulse, we seek not only the „how” but also the „why”. We look for what truly resonates. And from there, new impulse emerges.


We humans need to share our thoughts:  what’s showing up and how we think about it.  Such an exchange brings inspiration, surge of energy, challenge or confirmation.

“Reflecting on our experiences is the most under-utilized form of learning. It is the ability to observe, to examine, to evaluate, to assess, and to own our own thinking.“

What else I do

Team Facilitation

I facilitate teams and work groups around their specific topics and needs. I specialize on and enjoy working with large groups. References available here.

Dare To Lead™

Courage is a set of skills that can be learned and observed.  This program is based on Dr. Brené Brown’s 20 years research.  I am her accredited facilitator.

Professional Supervision

Supervision is a space for reflection. It’s learning from own experiences. A must for coaches, management teams and people who work with other people.

Original workshops

Work with groups brings reoccurring topics. I address those in my own workshops.  State-of-the-art scientific findings on human behaviour spiced with my own work and life experience.

Public speaking

I deliver key notes and inspirational talks at client’s or public events. I speak about leadership courage and modern aspects of leadership. References available here.

Publishing and Media

I write and publish articles in several Czech magazines. I contribute my professional views on social networks or via interviews on some Czech TV and radio channels.

Original workshops

Anatomy of Trust

Can people in work teams actually fully trust each other? What is the mechanism of building trust with people you did not choose? Are you trustworthy? And – what is trust, anyway?


Relationship Intelligence

Our personal fulfillment and business success stand on quality of our relationships. Yet, this discipline still remains a mystery. How can we forge and navigate relationships consciously?

Tough conversations

Having a tough conversation with another human being is a vulnerable act. It takes courage, as we often can’t control the outcome. It takes skills we seldom learn. More here, in depth.

Team dynamics

Work with a team is a different story than to work with the individual.  In a group, people act differently.  How to overcome groupthink and tap into, leverage and harvest group wisdom?

“You may not always get what you want. Yet, you will always get what you need.”
“Quality is not a coincidence. It always is a consequence of an intelligent effort.”

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